Thursday, January 06, 2005


Sexual Harrassment?

Can you say "hello" to a pretty woman without being sued for sexual harrassment? Of course you can! There is no law against talking to a person of the opposite sex or asking them out on a date or even flirting with them. Even a sexual comment that occurs one time and is a bit over the edge is not enough to create a hostile environment. Most people know the difference and those who do not, either don't care or never will understand it. employer can certainly fire you for making one comment or for flirting, but that is the EMPLOYER'S doing. The law does not require them to fire you, the law only requires that they take steps to fix the problem or potential problem. That can be as simple as asking you to stop flirting, or transferring you or taking some other step to make the person complaining feel comfortable.

The key is to make a formal complaint about behavior that you find sexually offensive and ask that it stop.

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